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Floor Max Direct
Jason Stanley, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, wanted a new look for his website. He previously had a site that was not only dated in its appearance but also cumbersome to edit. He asked me to create a new design for his floorcovering store.

Using ColdFusion I created a site that not only looks more professional but is also scalable. Now when Jason wants to make changes to his "Specials" or to add products to his online offerings it will be much easier.

Since Floor Max Direct offers a variety of floorcoverings I created randomly rotating pictures that appear at the top of his pages to showcase all of his products.

Visitors to his site can fill out an online request for free samples. His previous site did not require the user to fill out certain fields before submitting the form. This was very frustrating to Jason as he received several sample inquiries without enough information to send the samples out to the customer. His new forms include required fields that prevent the visitor from submitting the form until those fields are completed. Upon submission the visitor sees a "Thank You" page acknowledging that his request has been emailed. The visitor also receives receives a copy of his request by email for his records.

Jason is delighted with the look and functionality of his new site.

Basically a great job all-round. Thanks very much, I hope you are proud enough of it to use it as an example of your work. I look forward to doing more work with you soon.

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