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Rubber Trails and Surfaces

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Rubber Trails and Surfaces
Rubber Trails and Surfaces asked me to completely redesign their web site. They wanted a new look that represented their product - recycled rubber - in a positive manner. The web site needed to have a clean and colorful design.

They provided me with pictures of installations using their recycled rubber products. These photos are used throughout the site.

In talking to them about their business I learned that they have lots of phone requests for product specifications and samples. These phone calls take up a lot of their time. They wanted to be able to direct customers to their web site for these requests. I uploaded all of their product specs as PDF files which are easily accessible through Adobe Acrobat Reader - a free utility. I also included an online sample request form.

They have gotten many positive comments about how easy it is to navigate their site and how clean and crisp it looks.

I got an email yesterday from one of our customers stating:

'I had a call yesterday regarding the different playground surfacing available. So I decided to take them surfing on the web and show them your website. He was amazed at the options available and to what detail one could get into with the Pour-N-Place products. He thought the site was very informative and I think he got a good feel for what he wants to do under his playground.'

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