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Signature Rugs
The owner of Signature Rugs asked me to completely redesign her website. She wanted a site that was more professional looking and easier for her visitors to navigate. Several new sections were added to the site and the other sections were updated.

One of the new sections is Find a Sales Rep. When visitors click on this section they are presented with a map of the United States. They can click on a state to find the contact information for the sales representative in that state. The map is in Flash format and the Sales rep information runs off of a database.

The home page presents several room scenes and thumbnails of their custom rugs. These images rotate randomly so that visitors to the site see a different combination each time. This keeps the home page fresh without having to manually make changes to the site.

All of the sales representatives were given their own email account and they are thrilled to have a professional email account. They can download their email to their own email client (e.g. Outlook) or they can check their email online.

All of the thumbnails for their product information pop-up to a larger view so visitors can see the details of the various products.

A recent addition to the site is an online order form for her customers. Customers can place their orders online. They order as many different rugs as they want. The order is then emailed to Signature Rugs.

Thanks for all your hard work on our site. We love it!

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